Latest Software Updates

  • digiCamControl 1.1.0 (Win) — this open source remote control software package adds a new “astrophotography” mode, support for external shutter releases, and scripting support. New camera support and a redesigned user interface were also added.
  • Iridient Developer 2.4 (Mac) — Better workflow handling with raws when using another program for cataloging and editing, better TIFF and PNG handling, support for the Nikon V3 and J4, Panasonic GH4, and several other new cameras, plus some bug fixes.
  • GIMP 2.8 (Win, Mac, Unix) — I failed to note this new version when it came out, and it appears that significant work has been done to make this program more of a legitimate Photoshop alternative, including better Mac builds. One thing to note: you can’t just blithely install this over previous 2.x installs. Read the installation notes carefully if you want to keep an older version.
  • TrueHDR (Mac App Store) — A US$4 HDR app for the Mac modeled on the popular TrueHDR iOS app. 
  • Pixelmator 3.2 (Mac App Store) — new repair tool, 16-bits channel support for all Macs (previously only on the MacPro), locking layers added. 
  • DxO Optics Pro 9.5 (Mac/Win) — Now supports raw file integration with Lightroom, so that you can pass the original raw file to DxO and a DNG is returned, making for a non-destructive workflow. Also increased compatibility with XMP standards to better support star and color rankings. New camera/lens support was added. 
  • Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 (Mac/Win) — Adds Perfect Browse to quickly locate and select images. Also adds Perfect Eraser, an improved Masking Bug, an improved Enhance module, and 13 new filters. 


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