Latest Software Updates


Adobe has made Lightroom CC so that it is still operative after you stop subscribing to the Photoshop CC bundle (US$9.99/mo). What happens is that the Develop tab and the GPS maps are disabled after your subscription expires, but everything else is still available to you. The GPS mapping information is apparently disabled due to royalties that Adobe pays to Google. The standalone (for sale) version of Lightroom is not affected by this change, only the CC version. 

Iridient Developer (Mac) has been updated to version 2.4.3, which includes support for the Nikon D810 and S2 (Nikon 1) cameras, as well as the Nikon sRaw format and Sony A7s. A few bug fixes were also included. 

DxO FilmPack was updated to version 4.5.2 to be compatible with Photoshop CC 2014, while DxO ViewPoint 2.1.7 does the same thing for that product. DxO Optics Pro has updated to version 9.5.1 to add the Sony RX100III, A7s, Nikon J4, and Samsung NX30 cameras. Additional lens modules have also been added. 

Akvis released SmartMask 5 (Mac/Windows), a selection and masking program. This version has minor fixes pulls adds sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+, as well as compatibility with Photoshop CC 2014. 

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