September Software Updates

Likely the big news since my last report is Photoshop Elements 13 (Macintosh and Windows), the latest iteration of Adobe’s “for the rest of you” version of Photoshop. What’s new? A new way to blend your profile and cover photos for your Facebook page, a new Photomerge Compose function, suggested cropping, five new effects, selection nudging, enhanced slideshows, enhanced step-by-step guidance, and easy sync with your mobile device’s camera. Adobe’s press release primarily pointed to better photo mashups (Photomerge Compose), the Facebook feature, and some new guided edits in black and white. Doesn’t sound like a lot, does it. 

Curiously, some things are now missing from Elements, according to Adobe because they were 32-bit only: Photo Mail, Photomerge Style Match, Magic Extractor Tool, Texture Fill, Frame from Video, Interactive layout in panoramas, and Photoshop Showcase.

The update is US$80, the full version US$100. There’s bundle pricing if you’re updating to Premiere Elements 13 simultaneously. 

Okay, so it’s new. I’m not sure why anyone would want to buy it or upgrade, though. It’s also kind of buried on Adobe’s Web site, so I guess they primarily see Elements now as an App Store and retail product. Just try to find a full list of features on Adobe’s Web site. Perhaps Adobe has some sneaky bit in that the ACR bundled with Elements won’t be updated now for version 12, but I’m just not getting what the compelling reason would be to upgrade. Elements has been a bit of a bloatware product for awhile now, anyway, so that feature list would get a little difficult to get across in a Web page, anyway. 

ACDSee Pro 8 and ACDSee 18 (Windows) — ACDSee 18 adds a new indexer and other views, a 1-step quick exposure adjustment, a new SeeDrive cloud option, support for Windows 8 touch gestures, some new filters, and a new Auto EQ tool. Folders, selections, and the navigator window have been improved. Upgrade is US$39.99, while the full version is US$79.99. The Pro 8 version gets all that plus pixel targeting and a new history window.  Upgrade is US$59.99, while the full version is US$199.99.

Nikon released NEF Codec 1.24 for Windows that supports the D750. 

DigCamControl version 1.2 (Windows) fixes bugs, redesigns the main control window, improves live view operation, adds a new name template system, improves the astro live view information, supports the D810, and adds aperture bracketing. 

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