This Week's Software


Photoshop CC added a number of new features, the most interesting for photographers being Perspective Warp and support for OpenCL (which speeds up a number of filters and functions). The US$9.99/month offer is still available for those that own a previous version of Photoshop (CS3 or later). 

MarScaper HDR is a new US$20 high dynamic range tool. MagicWatermarks is a new watermarking and time-stamping tool that costs US$6. Both are available in the Apple Mac App Store. 

Apple Digital Camera Raw 5.03 adds support for the EOS M2, and fixes problems with the RX-100 and E-M1.

DxO Optics Pro 9.1.2 adds the Panasonic GM-1, iPhone 5s, and Nikon 1 AW1 to the supported cameras, adds the AW lens support, and adds the Sigma 15mm f/2.8 and Nikkor 16mm f/2.8 fisheye lenses to the Df support.

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