December/January Software Updates


Capture One released version 8.1 (Macintosh/Windows) with quite a long list of improvements and additions. Amongst the bigger changes are: the ability to edit images in external applications such as Photoshop from within Capture One; Live View support for a number of Sony cameras; up to 16 adjustment layers are now supported; and support for new cameras (Sony A7s, A7II, A7r, A5100, Canon 7DII and G7X, Fujifilm X100T and X30, Panasonic FZ1000, and Leica T). Several important bug fixes were also made. 

Nikon released Camera Control Pro 2.20.0 with support for the D5500 and OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite), along with several bug fixes. Wireless Utility 1.5.3 added support for OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite). Finally, Capture NX2 was updated to support OS X 10.10.1, though no number change was made. 

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