Adobe “Security" Updates

See warning at end!

Photoshop CC 2015.12, Lightroom CC/6, and Bridge CC 6.2 all recently received updates, which you can download via the usual Adobe Creative Cloud updater you’ve been paying your monthly dues. Some of those included fixes that involve a security bulletin Adobe issued for Photoshop. 

Here’s the rub, if you’re still running Photoshop CC 2014 (any version), the Adobe Creative Cloud updater won’t update you with the similar security fix in the Photoshop CC 2014.2.4 (15.2.4) update. Nor does the update show up when you select Updates from the application. I couldn’t find it in the Previous Versions section of the Adobe Creative Cloud updater, either.

No, you'll have to manually update by going to the appropriate page on their site and downloading the right file. How would you know about that page? Well, I guess you have to rely on folk like me, so aren’t you glad you paid your US$9.99/month subscription to byThom? Wait, what? Yeah, tongue in cheek again. Sorry.

Unfortunately, you don’t want to install the most recent updates to the Creative Cloud apps if you’re a Macintosh user. Why? Because, believe it or not, the latest CC Updater version apparently is deleting the first folder alphabetically on a user’s computer after you sign in after the update. This was initially found by Backblaze, a data backup service, because they create a hidden folder starting with the letter b.

On most Macs, the first folder will be .DocumentRevisions-V100. This folder contains the autosave and versioning information that many apps rely on in the current Mac OS-X environ (Yosemite onward). I couldn’t figure out why the latest version of a software program was crashing on a brand new Mac. Guess what? Adobe CC was the culprit. 

Here’s a quick and dirty suggestion if you’ve already installed the update but haven’t yet signed back into CC, or if you need to install the update: 

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Type cd /
  3. Type sudo mkdir /.adobeCCdoesterriblethings
  4. Close Terminal

Feel free to use a different folder name in Step 3 if your dander is more rattled than mine. ;~)

Note: Adobe apparently has released a revised updater shortly after I posted this article. Still, see my comment below:

For a service that we pay monthly for, Adobe CC has turned into a fiasco. I’m going to now recommend that you never install a CC update until well after the Adobe offers it and you can confirm that it doesn’t have any serious consequences.

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