April/May Software Announcements

Apple Digital Camera RAW Compatibility update 6.19 adds support for the Nikon D5 and D500 and the Sony A6300, as well as a few other cameras.

AccuRaw 2.4.4 (Mac only) adds Nikon D5 and Panasonic GX80/85 support. Update at the Mac App Store. AccuRaw 2.4.7 adds Nikon D500 support.

On1 Photo 10.5 (Mac and Windows) added more borders and textures, a better masked brush, some additional effects layer capabilities, plus now supports Google Nik Collection plug-ins. As part of the announcement, On1 revealed that Photo 10.5 will be merging with the upcoming On1 Photo RAW converter this fall, to provide a full set of conversion, effects, and editing tools in one package for US$150 annually (if you cancel after the first year, the product still works standalone, it just isn’t updated). 

Nikon introduced an installer fix for Capture NX-D: version 1.4.0a. The combined installer for NX-D and View NX-i also got the same update: 1.16.010a.

Fotomagico 5.0.5 (Mac only) fixed a number of small issues with the major new update of this slide show product.

Iridient Developer (Mac only) 3.1 adds support for the Nikon D5 and D500, plus a number of other recent Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, and Panasonic models. New raw demosaic options, support for Fujifilm compressed, and a fix for an Apple bug are included.

Picktorial (Mac only) is a new photo conversion and non-destructive editing photo program that’s simple yet has a reasonably deep feature set. Currently available at an introductory discount price of US$19.99.

RawDigger 1.2.10 (Mac/Windows) adds support for Fujifilm compressed raw as well as the Nikon D500 and Panasonic GX80/85.

Raw2Nef 3.5 (Mac/Windows) now supports D500 files for use with Capture NX-2. 

MacPhun Aurora HDR Pro 1.2.2 (Mac only) adds support for D5 plus many other recent cameras, now launches in full screen mode, and has a number of performance improvements.

Pixelmator 3.5 (Mac only) adds new quick selection and magnetic selection tools and a new Pixelmator Retouch extension for Photos (Apple’s current photo catalog/editing program). Performance and options were addressed for several features, and a long list of bugs were squashed.

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