I Was So Excited When I Saw “Photoshop Fix"

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Adobe’s having their big conference this week, and one of the things that came across my desk was a press release with something about “Photoshop Fix.” Turns out to be a mobile app that’s part of the Creative Cloud program. Wait, what happened to Photoshop Mix, which was also part of the Creative Cloud program? Turns out it updated to version 2.0 today along with the first version of Fix being released. 

What needs to be fixed is Adobe’s Creative Cloud program and Adobe’s naming conventions. No, I’m not saying that they need to stop doing these Android and iOS apps. What they need to do is a better job of naming and marketing them. “Photoshop Fix” is a terrible name. It implies there’s something wrong with Photoshop. Look at how dpreview formed a headline: “Adobe launches Photoshop Fix…” 

  • Fix — retouch and restore images
  • Mix — cut and combine images, layers and blend layers.

What’s next, Photoshop Lix, Six, and Tix? 

Meanwhile, Camera Raw was updated to version 9.2 for Photoshop CC 2015 (sorry Photoshop CS6 users, no more ACR updates). The Dehaze tool now can be used as a local adjustment via radial filter, graduated filter, and adjustment brushes. A new way of navigating when zoomed in called Birds Eye View [sic] has appeared, but only if you have a GPU enabled. The modal tools have changed behavior slightly so that return and escape no longer just dismiss the tool. Plus we get the usual additional of a number of lens corrections.

Lightroom CC 2015.2 also was released, with the same changes and lens corrections. Sorry Lightroom 6 users, still no Dehaze tool. But this version also gets a revamped Import experience, with redesigned dialogs (finally). [Update: the redesign is getting a lot of negative feedback from users, as several things have been removed.] Importing from Photoshop Elements has also been revamped to make doing so easier. Lightroom Mobile for both Android and iOS also get a number of small changes. 

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