Nikon Publishes Bad Self Report Card

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Two months after OS X10.11 (El Capitan) shipped and Apple has been selling new computers with it installed, Nikon has gotten around to a little self-evaluation of how their Macintosh software fares. Nikon’s own self grade can only be called an F. F as in Fail. Yet their posting of this report card starts with “We are pleased to announce…” 

Pleased about failure? Give me a break.

The only current Nikon software that can install on a new Mac and work correctly is…wait for it…none. All of their products won’t install on an El Capitan powered Mac. Don’t buy a new Mac if you use Nikon software. Oh, wait, buy the new Mac, don’t use Nikon software ;~).

I’m sure Nikon thinks it good news that two of their programs actually work if you upgraded your computer from Yosemite to El Capitan. Those programs would be Capture NX-D and Picture Control Utility. But here’s what happens with the other big Nikon software programs:

  • ViewNX-i — the video editor can’t preview videos. 
  • Camera Control Pro 2 — doesn’t recognize cameras
  • Wireless Transmitter Utility — doesn’t recognize cameras

All I can say is wow. Sure, Nikon promises to add new installers to these products and to fix those three problems, but things get a little worse the deeper you look. If for some reason you were using any older Nikon software product, you’re going to be SOOL if you ever need to reinstall it on a new Mac in the future.  

Windows 10 customers: Nikon published that report card back in July, fairly coincident with Microsoft shipping the operating system. 

I stopped recommending Nikon software a year ago (and withdrew my book on Nikon software at that time). Nothing in anything Nikon has done since makes me think I made a wrong decision. As far as I’m concerned, Nikon should just get out of the software business entirely at this point, as they are unable to do what any other viable software company does. 

It saddens me to keep writing about Nikon failures to serve its customers. If this keeps up, they eventually won’t have any customers left to fail.  

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