Q4 Software Updates

Iridient Developer 3.0.6 (Mac only) adds support for new Canon, Leica, and Sony cameras, fixes a crash with DNG’s touched by Lightroom, and fixes a DNG issue with gain map opcodes that clipped highlights for some cameras. 

OnOne Software (Mac or PC) released ON1 Photo 10, the latest version of the software suite previously named Perfect Photo Suite. This version extends the stand-alone version even more than before—the Photoshop and Lightroom plug-ins are still included—making it a tool better suited to browsing and managing your images as well as improving them with various effects. Both upgrades (US$100) and full versions (US$120) are available with an additional US$10 discount during the introduction period.

Reikan FoCal 2.0 MR1 (Mac or PC) brings full support for Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), and a number of fixes, including a critical one for owners of earlier Nikon DSLRs such as the D300 and D3.

Macphun Aurora HDR Pro (Mac only) is a new HDR program developed in cooperation with travel photographer Trey Ratcliff. 

Topaz Texture Effects (Mac or PC) is a quick and easy way to add texture to images. As is the usual trend in these image manipulation programs, the primary vehicle of application is via presets.

Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.3 and 6.3 (Mac or PC) is a rollback to the old-style import dialog. In addition there is support for a handful of new cameras, tethering for new Canon cameras, and a host of new lens profiles, including the Zeiss Milvus lenses for Nikon.

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Nikon announced ViewNX-i 1.1.0 and Capture NX-D 1.3.0 (both for Macintosh and Windows), complete with new logos (see above). ViewNX-i 1.1.0 finally gets all the capability that was in ViewNX2, plus it adopts the sidecar format used with Capture NX-D. An Edit tab and a PF Flare Control option were also added.  Capture NX-D 1.3.0 gets a improved crop function complete with aspect ratio options. Both products have had minor interface tweaks, and now the two have button positions and other UI elements that make them seem more of a team than two slightly competing products. Indeed, starting in December, a single installer will allow you to install both products. Not noted specifically by Nikon is that the new products seem to install fine under Macintosh El Capitan.

Imatest 4.3 (Windows, Ubuntu) adds a Python API, a module for estimating image quality loss due to compression, and four-channel Bayer results.

Photo Mechanic version 5.0 built 16960 (Mac and Windows) fixes a number of small bugs.

Silverfast 8.8 (Mac and Windows) adds a new dust and scratch removal option and workflow history to their slide scanner program. 

Affinity Photo version 1.4 (Mac only) adds panorama image stitching, choice of raw processing engines, full support for DCI-P3 displays (e.g. iMac Retina), haze removal filter, and six extensions for Apple Photos under El Capitan. 

Nikon Wireless Transmitter Utility 1.5.6, Camera Control Pro 2.22.1, and Message Center 2.2.0 were released with support for OS-X 10.11.

Pixelmator 3.4.2 (Mac only) improved support for 16-bit images and fixed a few minor issues.

Apple Digital Camera RAW 6.18 (Mac El Capitan only!) adds support for recent Canon, Leica, Olympus, and Sony camera releases. 

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