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I’d post this in the software updates page if I actually knew what it was. Take a look at what both my systems are showing me this morning (read carefully):


Let’s see, I’ve got a Photoshop CS6 update pending, but then it’s listed as Photoshop 13.12 for Creative Cloud. 

So let’s bring up my Photoshop CC 2015 and see what it says its version number is. 2015.0.1 and 20150772.r.168x64. Hmm, no match there. Okay, let’s pull up Photoshop CS6 and see what version it thinks it is. 13.0.6x64. Okay, so maybe this is a Photoshop CS6 update, but why all the Creative Cloud gobbledygook? 

It doesn’t help my confidence level with Adobe’s updater system that sometimes—but not always—when I alternate between Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC 2015 on my main machine I get messages about Photoshop “being moved.” It isn’t being moved. Putting a file tracker on my machine shows that no files are actually moving. That seems to indicate that there’s an entanglement of a preference or sub-file between the two versions that probably shouldn’t be there (I don’t get this message on my laptop). 

So when I see CS6 and 2015 in the same explanation for something new in the updater, you can imagine why I’m not at all confident in what’s about to happen. Those of us who have been using Adobe apps for a long time keep seeing lots of these small signs that make us wonder what is going on with our installations. It hasn’t gotten better. It’s gotten worse. 

Plus now we have growing discrepancies between the CS6 and CC versions. Adobe really wants us to move to CC, but funny thing is, their installer isn’t given anyone confidence that this is a move we should make.

So let’s go ahead and perform the update, shall we? Here’s the result (not just for me, but for many others who tried the same thing):

bythom adobe fail

Bzzzt. Insert another quarter and play again...

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