Adobe's Latest Offerings

As usual, Adobe used the Adobe Max Conference to show off new features for existing programs as well as launch completely new products. For us photographers, the top-level news is this:

  • Photoshop 21.0.0 — Adds a new capability for Object Selection, and improves Content-Aware Fill. The Object Selection tool has to really be seen to fully appreciate. Like Content-Aware Fill, when it works it's like magic. Photoshop has been sped up for a few things, including opening files on a Mac. To work with the new Photoshop for iPad, Photoshop on the desktop gets some new cloud document capabilities so that you can work with PSDs in the cloud on either device. There are some new UI features, as well, which all try to speed up your editing. The new version is downloadable today.
  • Photoshop for iPad — This new 1.0 product is available to anyone with a Photoshop Creative Cloud license, and brings many of the desktop version's features over to the Apple iPad. Yes, it has layers and many of the masking, retouching, and editing tools you're used to, and yes, it works with the Apple Pencil. But it isn't yet the full version of Photoshop. A number of feature aren't on the iPad version yet, but Adobe has promised a constant stream of updates to get it up to the desktop level. Version 1.0 is available immediately.
  • Photoshop Camera — This preview of a product takes the camera in your tablet or phone and gives you a set of AI-powered features to "enhance" the image. Call it Adobe's Instagram Filters on Steroids. This product is still in preview stages for iOS users only as I write this. 
  • Lightroom Classic 9.0 — Export gets some updates, including multiple presets used in one export. You can now filter your Collection by Color Label. Panoramas get a Fill Edges option (as does Camera Raw), that uses Content-Aware Fill. Plus the usual "new cameras and lens profiles" catches things up to the latest cameras (that includes the iPhone 11 and preliminary support for the Nikon Z50).

As usual, not all of these updates appeared right away in the Creative Cloud App. And some are confusing, as Photoshop 21.0.0 doesn't appear as an update to Photoshop 20.0.7, but separately.

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