Photoshop Elements 15

Adobe today announced a new version of Photoshop Elements, with a lot of emphasis on making fancier changes easier. Photoshop Elements 15 allows you to:

  • Flip frowns into smiles, adjust squinting eyes, and basically morph a face into doing something it didn’t ;~).
  • Create collages that have effects applied across them, or have video in them.
  • Dehaze images.
  • Add motion blur behind a subject.
  • Stick photos into text.
  • Paint effects over a photo.
  • Add a custom frame.

There’s much more, but that’s the sampling that should give you a flavor of the update: lots of heavy post processing abilities made simpler or easier.

If you’ve got a laptop with a touch screen, Elements is now touch enabled. Searching and tagging has been enhanced. More Guided Edits have been introduced. 

Photoshop Elements is US$99.99, or US$79.99 for upgrades. Together with Premiere Elements 15, which was introduced simultaneously, the pair is US$149.99, or US$119.99 for upgrades.

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