Qimage is Back

Many many moons ago—at least 150, probably more—Mike Chaney came up with a software program that many of us used to swear by (as opposed to swear at): Qimage. This little utility, while ostensibly a raw converter, had one feature that made us like it so much: it printed our images better than anything else.

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That image doesn't quite do it justice. What most of us saw and appreciated with Qimage was that it really took out the antialiasing impacts of digital cameras and produced very high edge acuity in prints. That technology Chaney called Deep Focus Sharpening. Upsizing was also as good as anything else we've ever seen. Qimage wasn't a bad raw converter, either. 

The problem with that early Qimage was that it was Windows only, and that it had one of the craziest UIs we've seen. It was good that it tended to be a set-and-forget program, because figuring out the settings took a little time to negotiate.

Now we have something a little different: Qimage One. Not only is it now Mac and Windows compatible, but it lives as a plug-in in Photoshop and Lightroom as well as a standalone program. It still is a bit tough to wrap your mind around the UI/workflow, though better than before. And it still produces gorgeous prints when set up properly; just as good if not more so than some very expensive RIPs. 

If you print, it's worth US$59.99 price, but there's a free 14-day trial period to figure that out if you're skeptical.

Binartem Qimage One site

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