The Latest Adobe Updates

Lightroom CC 2015.9 (6.9) have appeared with the following changes:

  • Synchronization error reporting has been improved.
  • The Olympus E-M1 Mark II now has full camera profile support.
  • The following new cameras have initial support: Canon G9XII, Fujifilm GFX50s, X100F, X-A10, X-T10, Leica M10, Panasonic FZ80, GF9, GH5, TZ82, and the Phase One IQ3 100mp back.
  • New lens profiles for several recent Canon lenses (including M lenses), the Fujifilm X100F, several Tamron lenses, and several Sony and third party E/FE lenses.
  • 25 user-reported bugs were fixed. 

ACR 9.9 gets the same camera/lens additions.

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