DxO Optics Pro 9 Goes Prime


DxO Optics 9.0 has a new noise reduction engine built into the demosaicing called PRIME (Probabilistic Raw Image Enhancement), which analyzes up to 1000 neighboring pixels to try to determine what's fine detail and what's noise. DxO Optics claims as much as a "stop" difference in image quality over competing noise reduction schemes.

Pro 9 also gets a number of other features, including a new highlight management system, a new ability to render any raw image with the "color" characteristics of any camera in their database, new visual presets, and the ability to export to TIFF and DNG, the latter being a much requested feature by people trying to fit DxO Optics into their current workflow. 

An introductory offer of US$99 for new customers is good through November 20th. Updates are US$69 through that same date.

DxO Optics Web site 

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