Massive Apple Software Updates

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Apple yesterday said that over 20 iOS and Macintosh applications would receive updates. It seems even Apple is having a tough time getting everything to the table in a timely fashion, so be patient. Amongst those being updated (note that all require OS-X Mavericks or iOS 7.0):

  • Aperture 3.5 — Gets iCloud Photo sharing supports, adds Places support for Apple maps, plus new integration with Smug Mug. Lots of stability and performance improvements, as well. 
  • iPhoto 9.5 — The big news is 64-bit support, but like Aperture also gets iCloud Photo sharing and Places support and lots of stability and performance improvements
  • IPhoto iOS 2.0Gets the iOS 7.0 redesign throughout, making for a leaner, cleaner look throughout without losing any abilities. Adds the ability to create photo books, order custom prints, create slideshows, share photos directly via Messages, 64-bit support (with A7 processors), and much more. A pretty thorough rewrite of the app, and now much more useful than before, especially on an iPad that you can get DSLR photos to.

But here's the thing: a lot of users are having troubles today with Apple's massive updating (20 apps, new OS, free apps, and more). Owners of previous versions of products are especially having issues, particularly if they didn't buy the original through the App Store (e.g. bought iPhoto via the iLife suite). Apple has acknowledged the issues. For some the fix is simple: create a new user account before hitting the App Store for updates, install the apps, then delete the new user account (assuming you installed "for all users"). Aperture hasn't shown up in my update lists yet, and it's possible that Apple's servers are lagging today: I've noted a number of updated products that aren't showing up as updates yet in my App Store app, yet I know they're there. Update: eventually things showed up on all my systems. 

Also note that these updates have no restrictions on what they update. If you have Aperture version 1 installed, the 3.5 update will work for you and still be free. Same with the iPhoto updates.  

Meanwhile, if you own Pixelmator, it too went through a big update yesterday. Besides the support for the new OS versions (Mavericks), Pixelmator 3.0 got a new image editing underneath that dramatically increases performance. Layer styles are now non-destructive, new liquify tools have been added, and the app even takes advantage of some of the new OS underpinnings, such as multi-display support and App Nap. The update is free to current users and if you bought it through the App Store, it should show up in your Update list today.

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