Software News for Photographers


From time to time I provide quick hits on recent software updates or new software products of interest to photographers:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update — Photoshop CS6 was updated to version 13.0.6 to fix some bugs related to text management. If you've got either the Creative Cloud or CS Suite installer running in the background in your system, you should see a notification for the update. Otherwise, go the Photoshop 13.0.6 update page.
  • Intensify — Intensify is a new Mac-only software program that JPEG shooters looking for a little more magic might be interested in. It does detail enhancement, contrast adjustment, structure revelation, and much more in a nice basic tool that's easy to use and understand. This may be the program I give to my mom for basic adjustments. But it goes further than that: it can process raw files, it has layer support, it allows brush and layer mask application of its tools, and more, all for US$29.99 at the App Store. You can export to iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, or Photoshop, if you'd like, though if you have the latter three products you'll be getting a lot of duplication of capability. I see this more for the iPhoto crowd that wants more, but doesn't want the complexity of Lightroom. There's an Intensify Pro version that can act as a plug-in, but that seems a bit less useful to me than the standalone product, especially if you've already got some of the more common plug-ins installed.
  • Silver Projects ProfessionalAnother Mac-only product in the App Store I hadn't noticed before is this black and white conversion program, which is a standalone product that has 73 presets, 60 filters, textures, structures, classic color filtration emulation, 37 film emulations, and an integrated raw converter with some basic other tools, such as cropping. US$119.99 at the App Store.

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