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Lasersoft introduced PrinTao 8, a software product designed for Epson printer users to get the paper and color management process simplified without having to delve into printer drivers and try to figure out where the profile you're looking for might have gotten off to. The product is priced on maximum print size, with US$99 being for the smaller Epsons (e.g. R2880/R3000) ranging up to US$499 for the 9xxx series printers that can do 44" prints. One drawback: Macintosh only. 

PrinTau Web Site

Meanwhile, onOne Software has started shipping version 8 of their Perfect Photo Suite, which comes in standalone, Photoshop plug-in, Aperture/Lightroom plug-in versions. The primary modules here are Effects, Enhance, Portrait, Resize, B&W, and Mask, but there's an enormous number of options hidden away within those crooks and nannies. Perfect Photo Suite is one of the three plug-in suites I keep installed on my machine (Nik and Topaz being the others). Between those three and the basic Photoshop/Lightroom/Aperture abilities, if there's some post processing thing I can't do, it's pretty obscure (okay, I also use Autopano for panorama stitching). 

Note that the discounted deal on Perfect Photo Suite, including discounted upgrades, ends today (December 3rd).

onOne Web Site

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