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Those of you who are familiar with OutbackPhoto, Uwe Steinmueller's site, probably are well aware of his experiments with blending textures with images. Basically, you pick a pattern or texture file and an image, then use various blending tools and techniques to impose the pattern/texture into the image data. The results can range from subtle, to evocative, or even dramatic. 

Uwe's been kind enough to provide both the base images and the final image for one of his more obvious blends (images Copyright Uwe Steinmueller). Here's the base image:

20131027080050 baseImage.jpg

Here's the texture image he used:


And here's how he blended them together into something ominous and dramatic:

20131027080050 blendedImage.jpg

I picked this example image, which Uwe calls Hotel on the Rocks, because it's easy to follow the texture into the base image. You don't have to be so dramatic, indeed, some of the blends I like best are very subtle, almost like printing on a different quality paper. If you want to see some further examples of what can be accomplished check out the Flickr site, below, dedicated to such images.

Most of the images you probably remember from Uwe's site were created in Photoshop with techniques Uwe developed himself and documented in articles and tutorials. He's now teamed up with iOS app developer Pankaj Goswami to create iPhone and iPad applications that help you create your own blended images quickly and easily without Photoshop, but with the same kind of results. The texBlend app requires iOS 7.0 and is only US$1.99. A full manual and video tutorials are on Uwe's site, as well.

texBlend on the App Store

Uwe's Web site

Flickr texBlend site

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