Unique iOS Software

There are so many photography apps for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) that Apple no longer gives us an easy way to browse them any more. Rather than try to cover what's available—which would probably take a Web site all on its own—I've chosen only to isolate a few apps I've discovered that are interesting and unique, and useful to serious photographers.  

(If you've found something you think should be on this page, send me an email with the name of the app and why you think it should be here, and I'll look into it.)

  • FocusStacker — Allows you to calculate how many images taken at what focus distances you need to create a sharp "stacked focus" final image. In these days of diffraction impacts, just using smaller apertures isn't necessarily the right choice with many cameras, and many software products, including Photoshop, have the ability to stack focus from multiple images. While you can just do "brute force" focus stacks to create a large final DOF, this app lets you calculate and control the front and rear point of focus, and with a minimum of shots required. Finesse is usually better than brute force, something the camera makers need to discover. US$5.99. The same author also produces two DOF calculators, OptimumCS-Pro and TrueDoF-Pro that are worth looking into.
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