Exposure and Metering

  • Firmware updates to allow bracketing in steps larger than 1 (nw)
  • Pressing AE-L in Manual exposure does nothing now, should do "quick set" to 0 (via Program) (jc)
  • HDR support (many) [Comes in many forms, but the most common request is three-image bracket 2 stops apart; also in-camera HDR assembly to JPEG ala Pentax K7] [A 2-shot HDR is now available on a few Nikon DSLRs, but only as JPEG/TIFF; e.g. save the raw files used to create the JPEG!]
  • HDR support: spot meter dark/bright, camera calculates exposures necessary (ms)
  • Integrated meter and sensor for HDR. Essentially use metering to determine where to do early read and reset on sensor pixels to create HDR data (lk)
  • 2 and 3 stop bracketing (many)
  • Scene luminance map (ms) [Simply resurrecting the old F5 "live view" from the metering sensor might be enough]
  • Brightness range indicator (ms) [Measure low and high points in scene]
  • Aperture/Shutter speed range limits (ms) [e.g. set aperture between f/2.8 and f/5.6. This requires a second function which is how to favor the request, e.g. Prefer High Limit, Prefer Low Limit. Also, when combined in Program exposure mode: Vary X first, vary Y second, vary Z third where XYZ can be aperture, shutter speed, and ISO]
  • Display blinking highlights when zoomed (or zoom highlights page) (am)
  • Display blinking highlights with channel info (channel blown dictates color blinked) (aa)
  • Display blinking lowlights (preferably with a custom threshold) (th)
  • Display "histogram" in pixel locations (use color to indicate a pixel's luminance value) (g)
  • Display histogram of exposure metering sensor (g)
  • Custom threshold for highlights (am)
  • Histograms with exposure stop markers (am)
  • Accurate raw data histograms (UniWB) (many)
  • Select JPEG or raw histogram (ms)
  • Blink channel histogram when blown (ms)
  • Select size of area for highlights measurement (many) [a single pixel blown is different than a 10x10 pixel area]
  • Burst expose to the right (take current exposure and bracket up or down until just at blown pixel indicator) (al)
  • Delete an entire bracketing burst in one step (jr)
  • User sets manual exposure normally, then locks it; dials then retain exposure but change aperture/shutter speed like Flexible Program (ww)
  • Highlight and Shadow priority metering (cr) [partially implemented]
  • Find brightest and darkest spots and set up an automatic bracket that'll include both without losing detail (ms)
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