Older Nikon DSLR Reviews

I've reviewed them all, starting with the D1 in 1999. This section presents links to the reviews for Nikon DSLRs that have been discontinued.

On this site you'll find:

Reviews of older Nikon DSLR cameras live on in their original format on the old Web site, with only the navigation at the top of the page changed: you can find links to them below and you'll see them in a different design and format than this Web site.

A note about the "recommended" comments, below: Some of these are cameras that, as I write this in 2016, still make a lot of sense to own and use. You may miss a few features, but these cameras still perform well for most uses. By implication, the others on the list are now a bit outdated and can be bested by recent or current other DSLR models, even sometimes lower level models. I generally won’t recommend an older camera once its resale value hits certain low levels, too, as they simply become disposable at that point (more costly to repair for any reason than buy another used copy).

DX Models (1.5x crop sensor):

FX Models (35mm film-sized sensor):

  • D700 (12mp) — Recommended (used at right price)
  • D3 (12mp) — D3s is a better version of the same camera
  • D3s (12mp) — Recommended (used at right price)
  • D3x (24mp) — Recommended (barely and at right price)

Non-Nikon DSLRs with F-mount:

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