Focal Length

Lenses are designated with lots of numbers, one primary one being the focal length. In this section Thom explores what exists, how different types of lenses are used, what's missing and what might be coming in focal lengths.

  • Patents Predict — Nikon patents on lenses tend to predict what's coming next
  • What is Wide Angle? — Most casual photographers don't truly understand wide angle and what it means; this article will set you straight
  • Convenience Zooms — A lot of Nikon users choose convenience zooms because, well, they're convenient; find out Thom's take on them
  • Going Long — The opposite end of the focal range from wide angle; practical advice for bringing subjects closer
  • Exotics Other than AF-S — A look at the older Nikkors no longer made, and why they might be the right choice for some
  • Missing Nikkors (2012 Edition) — Thom's take on what Nikon hasn't provided in terms of focal length choices, and why those missing lenses are needed
  • Results of My Nikkor Lens Surveys — What byThom site readers said about DX lenses they owned or wanted in 2012

If you want to see what angle of view various different lenses are in both APS/DX and full frame/FX format, check out Nikon’s Lens Simulator.

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