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This section of the site includes both Thom Hogan's books on Nikon cameras, software, and photography, but also books that Thom recommends for photographers:

Note that the byThom books have gone through a few transitions over the years:

  • pre-2001: available in paperback from Silver Pixel Press
  • 2001: available on a CD as a PDF eBook file with supplemental materials on the CD
  • 2008: added short, printed reference guides that came with the ebook CD
  • 2009: added a printed option for the ebook
  • 2012: began making ebook-only available via instant download
  • 2015: transitioned to PDF download only, and removed many older books 
  • 2022: raised prices after two-month warning to cover increased costs

Most people don't understand the difference between a physical product (CD) and a download. The former is covered by a legal concept called First Sale. You can treat the CD versions you bought from the byThom sites exactly as you would a real printed book: when you're done with it, you could pass it on to someone else. Thus, those old options for my ebooks ended up having some residual value. You can still sometimes find them on eBay for sale.

Unfortunately, downloads are covered by License Agreement and can't be passed on. I don't like this, but the vast majority of you requested the ability to instantly download, so once I sold all the old physical product, byThom went to "download only." Unfortunately the hassle of creating, storing, and shipping physical product just doesn't work for small quantities. 

I understand that there is still demand for printed copies of my books. I continue to investigate other possibilities in that regard.

Can I read byThom books on my iPad? Kindle? Nook? Yes. See the book FAQ.

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