Are all of your older Complete Guides still available?

No, not all of the older guides are available. 

The following works (and their last edition numbers) are still available as downloads:

In addition, as I get the time to bring them back up to my current standards, the following guides will become available later in 2018 as downloads:

The following guides are now officially “retired.” You might be able to find an original copy on eBay, but make sure it’s an original and not someone trying to profit by making illegal copies. An "original" would be a physical CD with the label printed directly on the surface, along with a professional, mass-produced case:

  • D1/D1h/D1x
  • D2h/D2hs
  • D2x/D2xs
  • D100
  • D200
  • D40
  • D40x
  • D50
  • D60
  • D70/D70s
  • D80
  • D90
  • Fujifilm S2 Pro
  • Fujifilm S3 Pro
  • Fujifilm S5 Pro
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