General Nikon Lens Info

Sometimes the terminology used in the lens world gets in the way. What the heck is AF-S VR ED-IF DX? You'll find the answers to those types of questions in this section.

Nikkor lenses in circulation:

  • October 2011 — 65m
  • June 2012 — 70m
  • November 2012 — 75m
  • June 2013 — 80m
  • January 2014 — 85m
  • November 2014 — 90m
  • July 2015 — 95m
  • July 2016 — 100m
  • November 2018 — 110m
bythom nikon lens prod

The production number includes all lenses, including the old S mount, the CX mount (Nikon 1), and the Z mount. However, the overwhelming majority of that number are the F-mount lenses (DX and FX) produced starting in 1959. 

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