You Have a D7000

  • Like what you've got: Reconsider. There's nothing particularly wrong with the D7000, though it does have a limited buffer, and many have had issues with getting focus consistency. But I think the ship has now sailed on this camera considering how good the D7200 and D7500 are.  
  • Dislike what you've got: You have four basic choices: (1) upgrade to the D7500, (2) upgrade to the pro DX body (D500); (3) move up to FX; or (4) move to mirrorless.

    Which should you do? Here's the simple guide:
    • Choice #1: Buy a D7500 if you're happy with what you've got but just want the latest and greatest. You’ll get better image quality, better video abilities, better autofocus, and a few new extras.
    • Choice #2: Buy a D500 if you're happy with what you've got in terms of camera but want  to update your equipment and get the best possible body quality and performance, and you shoot moving objects a lot.
    • Choice #3: move up to FX, most likely the D610 or D750 (even though those are older models) if you're now serious enough that only the best possible image quality will do for your next camera. Be prepared to have to upgrade your lens set, too, though, especially at the wide angle end. 
    • Choice #4: move to mirrorless, most likely the Nikon Z50, which is more than equivalent to what you have.
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