Current Nikon DSLR Camera Database

I keep detailed specifications for every current Nikon camera (and lens) on this site. Here are the details for each of the current Nikon DSLRs (note: these are the remaining Nikon DSLRs that are in production and available worldwide):

  • D7500 — 20mp DX prosumer
  • D780 — 24mp FX consumer/prosumer
  • D850 — 45mp FX (landscape/studio)
  • D6 — 20mp FX pro

"Current" is defined as being the most recently introduced model in a particular camera line that is still in production and sold worldwide. Nikon tends to still sell older generation versions of their cameras after the new model comes out, much like the model year changeover at auto dealers. In some markets, cameras no longer made are still available until inventories run out. For those previous generation cameras, see the Older Camera Database.

Older Canon versus Nikon comparison tables: 1DxII versus D5, 7DII versus D500, 80D versus D7200, 5DIV versus D810, and 1DX Mark III versus D6, 5D Mark IV versus D850

For older and discontinued Nikon DSLRs, click here.

Note that Nikon has moved to a multi-generation sales approach, where you can still get an older model new after its replacement appears. For example, the D3400 is still often available after the D3500 was introduced. This section of the site is reserved for the latest Nikon DSLRs, though; models that are replaced by new versions are moved to the Older Camera Database, even if they're still available new.

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