Telephoto Nikon Prime FX Lenses

Nikon has a very large selection of prime telephoto lenses, but a few of them are still in serious need of being updated, particularly the unique DC lenses.

From 400mm and up, Nikon has done an excellent job of keeping the lenses updated with the latest FL, AF-S, and VR technologies. Below that, however, things are more a hodgepodge, with some lenses being updated, some never having been updated from early film era, and a couple of others in between. 

That said, there isn't a dud in any of these lenses: they're all optically excellent even on the high-megapixel count DSLRs, and some are beyond excellent. It's really the focus system, lack of electronic aperture, and lack of VR that tends to come into play with the <200mm lenses. 

Here’s information on all the Nikon FX Telephoto prime lenses:

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