Current Digital Flash Database

Nikon makes only a handful of flash units that are compatible with current Nikon DSLRs. The current models are:

  • SB-300 — low power, simple i-TTL flash
  • SB-500 — low power, simple i-TTL/Manual flash
  • SB-R200 — independent i-TTL flash units designed for macro use
  • SB-700 — modest power i-TTL flash with quite a few additional features
  • SB-5000 — highest power i-TTL flash, first to provide six group radio wireless remote

Older models that have some caveats with the most recent camera bodies include:

  • SB-910 — highest power i-TTL flash that serves as both three group optical commander/remote
  • SU-800 — an optical flash commander only

Note that all Nikon DSLRs starting with the D2h (D200 and D80 in the consumer models) use a technology called i-TTL and also referred to as CLS. The above Speedlight models are the only current ones that "speak" this dialect, and thus the only Nikon flashes that are fully compatible with the most recent Nikon DSLRs. For older Nikon DSLRs (D1 series, D100) and for film cameras other than the F6 see the section on Older Nikon Flashes.

In 2016 Nikon introduced a new technology to CLS: radio-frequency wireless flash capability. The SB-5000 is the only flash that currently supports this, and the D5, D500, D850, and D7500 are the only cameras that support the radio-frequency method of communicating (and require a WR-R10 transceiver if no SB-5000 is mounted on camera's hot shoe). 

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