Nikon DSLR Lens Databases

You'll find complete and up-to-date information on current lenses that fit the Nikon F mount and work with Nikon DSLRs (and film SLRs, as well). This includes complete lens specifications, and in some cases some quick comments, about lenses from:

Canon users will want to check out the third-party database entries in this section of the site, but for recent Canon-made lenses, you’ll want to go to the Canon Database page.

You’ll find a lot of information in a compact space in this section. I try to keep this section complete and up-to-date, but if you notice a lens that’s no longer made, a missing lens, or a specification that’s unclear, incomplete, or incorrect, please let me know via the contact page so that I can fix it.

As I get time, I’ll consider building the database for older (used) lenses that fit the Nikon mount, starting with Nikon’s own. Note that lenses that appear in the menus with an * are no longer in production.

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