Do you ever update your works?

Yes. Several of the eBooks made it to their third edition, and many have had one or more minor revisions along the way even if they haven't been updated to a full new edition. 

What's the difference between a revision and a new edition? 

  • A new edition means I've added substantial new material or made substantive changes to what's in the book. This is often because of a significant firmware update or an additional model change (e.g. D3 changes to D3s). New editions are identified by the first number in the version ID: 3.00 would be third edition.
  • A revision generally only corrects errors or rewords passages people found confusing. Identified by the second number in the version ID: 3.01 would be the second revision of the third edition.

With the move to all electronic distribution, my policies on updating have changed:

  • I provide small revisions as a free update to previous purchasers for a limited period of time after they come out. An automated email is sent to purchasers of the original with a new link to the update.
  • New editions would have to be re-purchased. I send an email to all purchasers of the original with a discount offer for the new edition that has a time limit to being applied (typically 90 days).  
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