Older Nikon DSLR Reviews

I've reviewed pretty much every Nikon F-mount DSLR, starting with the D1 in 1999. This section presents links to the reviews that I still maintain for Nikon DSLRs that have been discontinued.

On this site you'll find:

Reviews of older Nikon DSLR cameras no longer appear on my sites, as they are completely outdated, difficult to maintain, and I don't see much point in updating them as it's unlikely you'd really be interested in picking one up other than for historical interest (a couple of exceptions exist, noted below). 

Here's a list of those older cameras for which my reviews are no longer available:

DX Models (1.5x crop sensor):

  • D40 (6mp) and D40x (10mp) — no longer recommended
  • D50 (6mp) — no longer recommended
  • D60 (10mp) — no longer recommended
  • D70 and D70s (6mp) — no longer recommended
  • D80 (10mp) — not recommended (exposure, amp noise)
  • D90 (12mp) — no longer recommended
  • D100 (6mp) — no longer recommended
  • D200 (10mp) — no longer recommended
  • D3000 (10mp) — no longer recommended
  • D3100 (14mp) — no longer recommended
  • D5000 (12mp) — no longer recommended
  • D5100 (16mp) — no longer recommended
  • D7000 (16mp) — no longer recommended
  • D1 (3mp) — not recommended (outdated, parts shortage, poor UI)
  • D1x (5mp) — no longer recommended (losing raw conversion support)
  • D2h and D2hs (4mp) — no longer recommended
  • D2x and D2xs (12mp) — still a good base ISO 12mp DX camera

FX Models (35mm film-sized sensor):

  • D700 (12mp) — Recommended (used, only at right price)
  • D750 (24mp) — Recommended 
  • D3 (12mp) — no longer recommend, as D3s is a better version of the same camera
  • D3s (12mp) — Recommended (used, only at right price)
  • D3x (24mp) — Recommended (used, only at right price)

Non-Nikon DSLRs with F-mount:

  • Fujifilm S2 Pro — no longer recommended
  • Fujifilm S3 Pro — no longer recommended
  • Fujifilm S5 Pro — no longer recommended
  • Kodak Pro 14n/SLRn — not recommended (parts shortage, repairability)
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