What Happens if I Lose my Downloaded File?

You can ask me to send you a new link to the download via email. I need the name and email address your order was placed from to do this.

But be patient. I have to connect to a secure server, look up your account, and then refresh the link. The bad news is that I can’t always do this in a timely fashion. I won’t log into that server from anything but my office Internet connection from a known-secure machine, so if I’m out traveling or on assignment, it might take awhile before I get to your request. Also, I take the month of August off from the Internet each year, which means not responding to emails, too. So again, be patient. You’ll eventually get a new link code in your email. 

To keep from having to ask for a new link, just make sure you actually download the original file to your computer:

  1. Complete purchase in your browser.
  2. Wait for the email to come with your download link.
  3. Download the file to your computer
  4. Save the downloaded file somewhere safe.
  5. Sync your iPad (or other device) with your computer via iTunes.
  6. Once Step 5 finishes backing up your files but before disconnecting the iPad, select your iPad device and open the Apps tab for it in iTunes (Apps oval on top gray bar).
  7. In the File Sharing area towards the bottom of the page, select the app you use to read PDFs with (on an iPad I suggest Goodreader, but iBooks works just fine on an iPad).
  8. In the Documents box that appears to the right of the File Sharing app list, click Add.
  9. Navigate to where you saved the file in Step 3, select the file, and click Open.
  10. Resync your device.
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