You have a D70, D70s, D80, or D90

  • Like what you've got: Reconsider. We've gotten much better cameras recently and your choice of these models indicates you're a bit of a serious photographer to start with. You'll probably appreciate many of the things the new cameras give you. The current version of your model is the D7500. It's better. Period.
  • Dislike what you've got: You have four basic choices: (1) stay with the same type of model and get the current version (D7500); (2) move up a model to the D500; (3) move up to FX; or (4) side grade into mirrorless (Z50). 

    Which should you do? Here's the simple guide:
    • Choice #1: Buy a D7500 if you're happy with what you've got in terms of camera ability but want to upgrade simply to update your equipment and get better image quality and performance. Be prepared for some surprises in your move to 24mp, though. Things have changed a lot since you bought your camera. You may need to replace some lenses (the 18-200mm is one such candidate). If you’re a bargain hunter, a D7200 is a very good choice while it’s still available new, as it gives up very little from a D7500 while netting you a steep discount.
    • Choice #2: Buy a D500 if you've gotten more serious about photography and you're shooting things that move. The focus system alone makes that important.
    • Choice #3: Move up to FX, most likely the D610, maybe the D750, if you're now serious enough that only the best possible image quality will do for your next camera. Be prepared to have to upgrade your lens set, too, though, especially at the wide angle end. And note that both the D610 and D750 are overdue for replacement, which is why you can often find them so cheap.
    • Choice #4: Move to mirrorless. The appropriate side grade (which will still seem like an upgrade) is the Z50. It's smaller, lighter, and the kit lens is better than you're used to, plus you're at 20mp. If you were considering Choice #3, the appropriate mirrorless choice is the Nikon Z5.

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