Nikon SB-R200 Speedlight Specifications

The SB-R200 is part of a bigger "system" called the R1C1, which allows for wireless multi-head macro flash capabilities. A full R1C1 system consists of an SU-800, two SB-R200 heads, and a number of accessories and mounts to help you position the heads. 

Guide Number (ISO 100 FX): 33 ft, 10m @ 24mm
Weight: 4.2 ounces (120g)
Power: 1 CR123A battery
Recycle time: 6 seconds
Max Flash Duration: 1/600
Coverage: 24mm
35mm film TTL support: Yes
D-TTL support: Yes
i-TTL (CLS) support: Yes
Auto Aperture: No
Automatic Flash mode: No
Manual Flash mode: Yes
Head tilt: Yes
Head rotate: No
AF Assist: Yes
High Speed Sync: Yes, Auto (i-TTL)
Repeating Flash: No
Modeling light: No
PC Sync socket: Yes
Foot style: Special clip 
Flash Value lock: Yes
Flash Color info: Yes
Wireless: Yes (I-TTL preflash)
Other: Part of R1C1 kit; intended for macro use 

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