Nikon SB-400 Speedlight Specifications

The SB-400 is a small i-TTL and manual flash capable Nikon Speedlight, and is a good choice for many of the smaller cameras where all you want is more light output or need to control manual flash output.

Guide Number (ISO 100 FX): 69 ft, 21m @ 27mm
Weight: 4.5 ounces (127g)
Power: 2 AA batteries
Recycle time (alkaline) 3.9 seconds
Max Flash Duration: 1/1300
Coverage: 27mm (18mm DX) 
35mm film TTL support: No
D-TTL support: No
i-TTL (CLS) support: Yes
Auto Aperture: No
Automatic Flash mode: No
Manual Flash mode: Yes (7 levels, set from camera)
Head tilt: Yes
Head rotate: No
AF Assist: Yes
High Speed Sync: No
Repeating Flash: No
Modeling light: No
PC Sync socket: No
Foot style: Flip lock
Flash Value lock: Yes
Flash Color info: Yes
Wireless: No
Other: includes SS-400 soft case 

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