Should I cover the logo on my camera with black tape?

Since I just invested in a company that specializes in black tape, I regard this as an excellent suggestion. May I suggest that you use our premium grade tape for your premium grade camera? While you're at it, be sure to use tape to cover the logos on your lenses, camera bags, camera strap, t-shirt, baseball cap, automobile, credit cards...well, basically anywhere you see a company name or trademark. You might also want to use the tape to cover your entire body so no one can see the "I'm a tourist" vibe you give off. 

I've never quite understood how people think that taping over the word Nikon (or Leica, or Canon, or whatever) suddenly makes photographic equipment so stealth-like that criminals can't see it or figure out what it is. If you think that a thief will undervalue a big hulking DSLR simply because it has tape over the logo, then you have a really low opinion of the intelligence of thieves.  

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