Why Won't My D3s Tether with Lightroom?

Let's play a little game of "whose bug is this?" This famous game goes back to the very first days of computers, when hardware and software engineers would argue that the problem being experienced couldn't possibly be their fault. Today's contestants: Nikon and Adobe. 

Nikon will say it's an Adobe problem. Adobe will say it's a Nikon problem. Who's right? Well, here's a clue: try erasing the cards in the camera. That's right, they were full. Seems that the camera will tether with NO card in the camera, and it'll tether with empty cards in the camera, but if the card(s) in the camera is full, then the D3s and Lightroom will refuse to cooperate with one another. Still confused about whose bug it is? So are Nikon and Adobe. But fortunately, you now know the answer to your problem, so you're happy, right? 

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