D5200 Announced (Again)


As expected, Nikon used CES/PMA to launch the D5200 DSLR in the North American market. No real surprises here. The announcement also reiterated the launch of the WR-10 wireless remote control. The D5200 is packaged with the 18-55mm kit lens for US$900, or the 18-105mm kit lens for US$1100, and comes in black, red, or bronze (body only; lens is always black). My understanding is that US dealers should be getting initial inventory shortly (this week). 

As I noted earlier, the D5200 does not use the same 24mp sensor the D3200 does, which seems a bit strange to me. The D3200 is a Nikon-created sensor, the D5200 is a Toshiba-supplied sensor. There are slight differences in pixel count, video capabilities, and bit depth between the sensors, though initial testing shows them to be essentially the same in low level image quality capabilities. As always, I've updated my data pages with all the detailed information.

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