Nikon D7100 Firmware Update


Nikon today announced firmware update C1.01 for the D7100 camera, with eight bugs squashed. Most of the problems were obscure and deal with either incorrect information or incorrect display updates.

  • Flash output level is no longer displayed in flash compensation information on the display when shooting in Manual or Repeating flash mode.
  • Live View image now updates when AE/AF lock button pressed, Selective Color is enabled, and the view magnified.
  • White balance bracketing now displays the correct fine-tuning value when it exceeds 9 steps.
  • The Virtual Horizon indicator in the viewfinder no longer freezes when performing some operations.
  • The Calendar function in image playback has been fixed, with both text being made more appropriately sized and cursor freezing no longer happening in certain situations.
  • The 35mm Equivalent field in the EXIF data now records the proper focal length information.
  • Recording videos in 1080P/24 with Manual exposure, changing the shutter speed now works properly.

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