Pure Photography Teasers


In case you're out of the loop, Nikon has been teasing their next camera release with a series of short videos that don't really tell you anything. 

What we know so far:

  • It's an FX body styled much like the old F3
  • It has Retro controls (shutter speed dial, others) but also all the digital controls are still there (AF switch, AF-ON, AE-L/AF-L, Fn, Bkt, etc.)
  • A new 50mm f/1.8G AF-S lens is mounted on it
  • "Pure photographers" wander alone in mostly empty places not doing a lot of shooting and always with no emotion

Tag lines in these 30-second teases have been (latest to earliest):

  • Now, every frame is meaningful again
  • Good things take time, they're worth the wait
  • Wherever I go, the camera leads me somewhere new
  • No clutter, no distractions, this is my world
  • One great shot rewards everything
  • It's in my hands again

If those aren't cryptic enough for you, the camera in question will be announced on Tuesday, November 5th, two days before Nikon announces their latest quarterly results.

Obviously, I've have a lot to say in the coming week once the full details on the camera are released. 

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