The Camera Makers Dress Up for Halloween

(humor, maybe)

I don't usually publish rumors, but I've gotten wind of what the various camera makers are going to dress up as at the Halloween party this year at PhotoPlus, and I thought I'd share the information with you. 

  • Canon and Nikon — Both going as vampires, which is appropriate, because they suck the money out of you and live forever. Besides, vampires predate all the other things they could have chosen, except maybe the mummies, so they're making a statement about how long they've been at their money-sucking schemes. 
  • Pentax — Going as a zombie, because they've been reborn from the dead and keep biting other companies (Hoya, Ricoh) who then feel they have to join them. 
  • Leica — Another case of the reborn, this time as a mummy. They believe they were just in suspension (mummified) for many years while they plotted their revenge and eventually reanimated to take the world by storm. Just don't unwrap them, as you might encounter some Panasonic parts underneath. 
  • Sony — They've selected Frankenstein's monster, a costume worn for years previously by Fujifilm and Kodak. Sony is now so much into scavenging parts and making new entities from them, such as the QX, that they thought this the most appropriate of the traditional costumes.
  • Adobe — What else but a clown? They've entertained us all year with their marketing antics associated with Creative Cloud. But everyone knows many adults are actually frightened by clowns, and Adobe is hoping to frighten all the other software companies into giving up. Instead, many of them just laughed. Oh well, it's just an act, right?
  • Nikon D600 and D800 Product Teams Too easy: gremlins. First, they're mythological, just like the problems with those cameras according to Nikon. Second, they're mischievous and mechanically oriented, and the mythological problems with the those cameras definitely have those traits. 
  • SamsungStormtroopers. Basically white (like many of their cameras), copies (NX is pretty darned close NEX), and faceless elite soldiers wanting to kick butt. Unfortunately, not quite succeeding at the latter. A strange choice, because stormtroopers seem to be poor shots. 

Panasonic says they're not going to celebrate this year, and I have no information about what Olympus might be doing. Fujifilm obviously is going as Mister X, as they feel they must fix errors in the Bayer construction.

Some readers have come up with some other unconfirmed reports of what camera makers will be wearing to the party:

  • Nikon D400 Product TeamThey're coming as The Invisible Man. I guess that means that we won't know if they even show up to the party.
  • HasselbladTheir Lunar and Stellar groups apparently have gotten the upper hand, as they've decided to come as The Joker from Batman. I had heard it was another Batman character, though: Two-Face.


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