Additional D810 Data


My Japanese reading skills are a bit rusty, but a few questions I’ve been asked about the D810 can now be answered, I think.

Size for the sRaw 12-bit file is 27.9MB, while the 12-bit Compressed NEF file size is 29.2MB. As I wrote before: you’re not really saving anything with sRaw, and you’re getting a pre-cooked file that has white balance information already used, plus color information is compromised. This is all the same as with the D4s. It’s a feature that really doesn’t give you anything. Moreover, it chews up some of the buffer, too. 

About the buffer, it appears that JPEGs now are upped to a 100 image buffer no matter what size you’re shooting (JPEG Fine Large was previously limited to less than that on the D800/D800E). 14-bit Uncompressed NEF nets you 23 images in the buffer, with various options getting you up to 58 images (12-bit Compressed NEF). sRaw limits the buffer to 18 images ;~). 

Shooting DX, the raw buffer sizes actually get very interesting: 46 for 14-bit Uncompressed, but as much as a 100 for the 12-bit options (sRaw is still only 23 ;~). So with the MB-D12 we’re talking about 6 to 14 second bursts at 7 fps. All these numbers I’m quoting are with state of the art CompactFlash cards, by the way (SanDisk Extreme Pro). 

Other interesting tidbits are that with an EN-EL18a in the MB-D12 and an EN-EL15 in the camera, the CIPA shot rating goes to 3270, a nice boost that’ll keep you shooting all day.

Nikon appears to be claiming bigger electron well saturation levels for the new sensor, though strangely, their sample photos have one heck of a lot of highlight blowouts ;~). 

I was also asked about the electronic shutter and whether it was Live View only or also functioned with MUP (mirror up). I don’t fully trust my Japanese skills here, but my first pass read is that it works with MUP as well as Live View.

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