Nikon D4s Firmware Update


Nikon today announced a firmware update for the D4s to version C1.20. This update has a substantial number of changes. Ten different issues were resolved, including several metadata values that would show up incorrectly and some image display issues. XQD cards are now recognized when the camera is plugged into a computer.

In terms of changes:

  • A connected SB-500 now can be used for Commander mode.
  • The SB-500’s LED light can now be used with Auto and Flash White Balances set.
  • Auto white balance has been improved, primarily for consistency.
  • The Time shutter speed now has no time limit.
  • The limit for number of shots that can be taken in a single burst has been lifted (previously restricted in shutter priority and manual exposure mode) as long as the shutter speed is less than 4s.
  • Display of focus points in the viewfinder has changed when the camera is rotated from landscape to portrait and you’ve set different focus points for each orientation.

Curiously, the D4 firmware was not updated. Hopefully this is just a difference in timing and not an indication that Nikon isn’t going to update their top pro camera line unless you’ve bought the slightly improved newer model. 

Nikon’s download center

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