Canon Doubling Down on Japan

Canon has already spoken about how they want to completely automate production of their cameras and lenses. Indeed, a number of recent models seem to already be built using quite a bit of robot assembly, alignment, and testing. 

Canon has now indicated that it is acquiring 300,000 square meters of land in the Miyazaki Prefecture to build a new 20 billion yen ($181m) plant. That plant will make ILC cameras already being made in Japan in a nearby plant, but it's hoped that with more of the manufacturing process in the new plant going to automated, that will reduce manufacturing costs by at least 10%. 

Canon was already one of the more Japanese-located ILC makers, with over half of their cameras currently made in Japan. That number will rise to almost two-thirds within the next few years, possibly more if Canon eventually decides to bring the compact camera manufacturing back, as well. This is in contrast to Nikon, which is mostly Thailand-based for ILC cameras. Likewise, Sony makes most of their ILCs in Thailand, as well. 

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