Nikon Tries Marketing

The WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) conference is starting in Las Vegas later this week, and Nikon will be on the trade show floor. But lo and behold, Nikon finally realized that sending their Nikon Ambassadors to these trade shows was not a real great one-to-many marketing experience. Check this out:

bythom nikon wppi

Sure enough, Nikon will be Livestreaming the demonstrations and lectures from all the Ambassadors presenting at the WPPI show. That includes:

  • Susan Stripling "Lens Selection and Wedding Day Details"
  • Dixie Dixon "Bringing the Soul of Fashion to Life"
  • Tamara Lackey "Photographing Children and Pets"
  • Joe McNally "Nikon Speedlights: The Color, Quality, and Direction of Light"
  • Jerry Ghionis "Fashion Forward"
  • Bambi Cantrell "Timeless Photography - the Lost Art"
  • Cliff Mautner "The Speed of Light at Weddings: New Possibilities"
  • Rocco Ancora "Light. The Key to Emotion"

If you want to get notified of these livestream events, click on this Nikon site.

Why Nikon hasn't been doing this for years I have no idea. But be honest: did you know this was happening?

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