Two New Canon APS Sensor DSLRs

bythom canon eos 77d w lens

Canon today updated the mid-range of their consumer DSLR lineup with two new models, the Rebel T7i and EOS 77D. The first camera replaces the T6i, while the second seems to be a replacement for the T6s.

Both new cameras sport the 24.2mp dual-pixel APS sensor that also appears in the 80D, the EOS M5, and the just announced EOS M6. A 45-point cross type autofocus sensor is both the new DSLRs, as is a 7650-pixel metering sensor. Both cameras have Digic 7 processors. All these things are steps up from the predecessor DSLRs.

A subtle addition is that of Bluetooth LE, along with a new Bluetooth remote. Neither camera has 4K video, both topping out at 1080P/60. 

The primary differences between the two cameras is that the 77D adds interval shooting, a bulb timer, additional custom settings, an AF-On button, a top panel LCD to see current settings, an internal flash, plus an eye sensor that turns off the rear LCD when looking through the viewfinder. The 80D adds a 1/8000 second shutter, 100% viewfinder, 7 fps instead of 6 fps, and a larger battery. 

The T7i will be available in April for US$749 (body only), the 77D is US$899 for body only.

Both cameras were expected and solid—if not overly exciting—updates to Canon DSLR staples. But they do show Canon’s commitment to the dual-pixel approach, which produces better Live View and video focusing. Moreover, the sensor now in these two models has been proven to be more competitive with the Sony/Nikon APS sensors in terms of dynamic range.

In addition, Canon updated the 1Dx Mark II firmware to version 1.1.3, a small update that fixes an issue with the drive mode icon, plus improves USB communication reliability. 

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