Canon Versus Nikon Lens Production

There's a lot of buried information on this site. For example, you probably didn't notice that I keep track of lens production for both Canon and Nikon (click here, for instance). Both companies send out press releases when they hit what they consider the next milestone, and Canon did so last week to point out that they've now hit 130m EF lenses produced. 

In updating that information on the site I noted that this data is a bit more telling than it might seem at first. Here are Canon and Nikon lens production graphed over time:

bythom lens production

Recent numbers from Nikon have been bringing their long-term slope downwards. Canon's slope dipped a bit between 2014 and 2015 but then transitioned back again to a higher slope than Nikon's. 

These two charts say everything: Canon's position in lenses is stronger than Nikon's. Not by a huge amount, but by enough to clearly identify the market leader, and to suggest that the market leader is not diminishing in strength.

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